How to Organize Kitchener Storage Units for Frequent Access

How to Organize Kitchener Storage Units for Frequent Access

By Delia Hicks

Organizing Kitchener storage units for easy access is often likened to playing Tetris, but in reality, it's more akin to a preplanned game of Dig Dug. When you frequently need to access items in storage, it becomes crucial to strategize and plot the most efficient pathways. This requires careful planning and foresight to ensure that you can effortlessly retrieve the items you need when you need them.

Kitchener Self Storage offers friendly and accessible solutions with storage units in Kitchener and other neighborhoods. Following the steps below will ensure your self storage unit is organized for easy, frequent access on a long or short-term basis.

Common Needs Met by Self Storage Facilities with Frequent Access

There are numerous situations where individuals may require Kitchener self storage, either for short-term or long-term purposes, with the added convenience of frequent access. Although the primary reason is often the absence of sufficient onsite storage, there are three prevalent motivations for needing storage units with regular accessibility:

Temporarily displaced households 

Pest infestations, floods, and house fires are just a few events that can temporarily displace a household. This creates the need to store household goods and be able to frequently access items for which there is no room at the temporary residence or hotel.

Apartments with little closet space 

Every household has items that are needed on an occasional basis. These items can clog up your closets, walkways, and bedrooms. Living minimally has plenty of benefits. However, you still need to store items not in use. A small storage unit arranged for frequent access resolves the clutter of small apartments. The need for storage units in Kitchener is common among apartment dwellers.

Households in transition

Long-distance moving rarely goes off without a hitch, and many households find themselves between homes for a few weeks. Self storage can be arranged to house your furniture and household goods while you’re waiting for the new home to be ready. 

However, if you don’t plan for frequent access, you could find yourself without essential items until you arrive at your new home.

Businesses without onsite storage

Statista reports that as of June 2022, nearly 3 million Canadian businesses were without employees. Many of these businesses are operated from a home in which there is nowhere to store supplies, files, or equipment. Organizing Kitchener storage units with frequent access is the perfect solution for these one-person shows. For example, a handyman needing self storage units could store tools and equipment at the secure Kitchener storage facility.

The need for temporary or long-term storage units with frequent access varies, and it is often a stressful time. Kitchener Self Storage offers a stress-free experience for employees that makes customer service a priority. The facility, conveniently located on New Dundee Road in Kitchener, has features and services that make business storage access hassle-free.

The Dos of Organizing Kitchener Storage Units for Frequent Access

There are many things to consider when organizing Kitchener storage units for frequent access. The most successful uses of storage units follow the steps below. Here are some tips for organizing self storage for frequent access.

  • Choose the right facility 

The right location features make a big difference when accessing your storage unit frequently. Clean and bright storage facilities are perfect for frequent access at any time of day. Kitchener Self Storage also offers an indoor unloading area for easy access, as well as climate-controlled units. Kitchener also offers high-tech security with video monitoring 24/7 to keep possessions safe. Those who need heated storage units will find the Kitchener location on New Dundee Road convenient.

  • Consider going one size up

If you need a pathway to access additional items, you might want to consider going up an extra size when choosing your storage unit. This allows you to have more open floor storage space for maneuvering around the unit’s contents. Kitchener Self Storage offers excellent customer service with experts who help you choose the right storage unit size

  • Plan ahead and plan well 

Organizing Kitchener storage units for frequent access won’t be successful if you don’t plan ahead. Large unneeded items should be loaded into the storage unit first. Bookshelves, entertainment centers, and similar furniture can be used to store items you need to access frequently, but if you don’t plan ahead, they may not be accessible when you need them.

  • Create a staging area 

Separate the items that will need to remain at the front of the storage unit, as well as the furniture you’ll be using to organize them. Staging these items in a separate area ensures that they don’t get buried in the storage unit, which is inaccessible until it is emptied.

  • Get creative with your existing furniture to organize your self storage for frequent access 

Small bins of items can be stored in your refrigerator or on the shelves of your platform bed. You can also stack boxes and crates on sturdy couches, beds, or other platforms. Just ensure you are only stacking the contents on furnishings that can withstand the weight. By planning ahead, you can pick, pack, and organize your Kitchener storage units with ease. 

The Don'ts of Kitchener Storage Units 

There are several things you should avoid as you organize and pack your storage unit for frequent access. These are very important for maintaining safety while accessing your storage unit on a regular basis. 

  • Don’t overstack items

Stacking boxes to the ceiling can be tempting to get more things into your storage unit, but this is especially dangerous when accessing storage regularly. Don’t stack large or heavy boxes over your head.

  • Don’t crush lightweight boxes and crates

Fill all boxes and crates completely, then stack like-sized boxes together with the heaviest items on the floor. This ensures items are not crushed and that stacks of crates don’t shift while you’re accessing other areas of the storage unit.

  • Don’t overload shelves or furniture 

Using bookshelves and other furniture to organize your Kitchener storage units for frequent access is a great idea, but be aware of weight limits. Putting too much weight on a shelf could cause the shelf to break, or the entire bookcase could fall over.

It’s essential that your storage unit be stacked and accessed safely. Planning ahead helps you avoid pitfalls such as stacks of boxes falling, bookcase shelves collapsing, or items falling into your pre-planned walkways. With careful planning and execution, you can get everything into your storage unit, where it can be accessed without harm.

Trust Kitchener Storage Units for a Safe and Hassle-Free Storage Unit

Your storage unit at our state-of-the-art facility in Kitchener will be well-lit and closely monitored for safety. With friendly service and ample lighting, we strive to provide you with the best storage experience possible. Let the experts at Kitchener Self Storage assist you in selecting the perfect storage unit size and help you prepare for your move into self storage in Kitchener.

With Kitchener Self Storage, frequent access to your storage unit is easy, safe, and secure. Whether you require storage for seasonal items, household furniture, or business inventory, Kitchener provides perfect storage solutions. Rent a unit today!

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Delia Hicks

Delia, a seasoned self-storage expert with a background in managing facilities for major operators in the US and Canada, serves as the Facility Manager at Kitchener Self Storage. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, she ensures top-notch service, prioritizing organization and customer satisfaction. With a friendly approach and commitment to excellence, Delia dedicates herself to making the storage experience at Kitchener Self Storage convenient and stress-free for all clients.